Fixed Asset Leasing (Option)

Based on the Asset Accounting module, the Asset Leasing module can be used to manage the asset leasing activity, and to process lease billing transaction with the Sage 300 Accounts Payable (as leasee) and Account Receivables (as lessor).

Asset Leasing module

Lease Rate

  • Set up a variety of lease UOM for one asset, such as Year, Month, Week, Day, etc.
  • Define billing rate for specific lease UOM.

Lease Contract

  • Define customer for the lease contract

  • Specify a due date for lease contract

  • Include multiple assets in a lease contract

  • Define lease quantity, UOM and billing rate for each asset

  • Set up a billing schedule for each leased asset

  • Define lease revenue account for each asset

  • Specify lease due date for each asset

Create Billing Batch

  • Specify the billing date.

  • Specify customer, contract and asset range.

  • Create billing batch automatically according to the billing schedule and the above criteria.

Lease Billing Entry

  • Book lease revenue against lease contract.

  • Posting lease billing batch creates AR invoice batch automatically.

  • Posting lease billing batch updates the billing schedule.

  • Posting lease billing batch updates the lease billing history.


  • Lease Contract.

  • Lease Billing History.

  • Lease Billing Batch Listing.
  • Lease GL Transaction.
  • Lease Contract Action Detail.