Track and approve all invoices so they are paid in a timely and efficient manner.
Our sophisticated supplier invoice approval system will allow you to automate and streamline your entire Accounts Payable invoicing process.
Simply input or scan your organization’s AP invoices and Payables Workflow will route it to the correct person(s) for approval. This significantly reduces the risk of invoices getting lost or misplaced, and eliminates the need for hard copies to be handled across multiple work sites.
Workflows are tailored to suit your organization and multiple approval flows can be customized based on whichever parameters you choose – whether it be invoice value, management structure, or by taking specific users or those with delegated authority into account.
Payables Workflow is a transparent system, allowing you to quickly identify who an invoice is sitting with for approval and follow up if necessary. Finance staff can also produce more accurate financial reports by assessing precisely what invoices are yet to be paid.
Remote web-based access and mobile access are also available as additional services, so your approvals process is not held up by senior management on the move.

Payables Workflow Benefits include:

  • Streamlined approvals process
  • More efficient use of time
  • Integration with Workflow Documents – items can be scanned and attached at the point of entry and accessible throughout the approval workflow process
  • Ability to apply any outstanding credit notes against incoming invoices to ensure the correct amount is paid
  • Integration with Accounts Payable – approved invoices can be added to an open AP invoice batch immediately or on a periodic basis.