Fuchs, Germany-based company with over 50 companies in the world, is a well-known supplier of lubricants. In 1975, Fuchs Japan Ltd. was founded. It specializes in production and sales of automotive lubricants, metalworking lubricants, corrosion preventives, industrial cleaners, industrial oils and greases.

Fuchs had three overlapping business solutions which made integration of their finance, logistics, and manufacturing tedious. They wanted to have a complete and fully integrated ERP system to be implemented.

Since products are oil-based, fluctuations in oil price were experienced. With this, Fuchs wanted production costs to be on actual moving average basis. The cost must also be reflected in their inventory and eventually in cost of sales to make sure they have profitable operations.

Additionally, Fuchs wanted the Bill of Materials be reflected in percentage with allowances for production losses. The system should record technical properties of the items since government regulations require regular reports of toxic material usages.

As solutions to the aforementioned problems, Sage Accpac v5.5 and AutoSimply M/F and P/P were implemented. In just 4 months, Fuchs Japan was able to conduct a live run for Sage Accpac and AutoSimply for Nara and their production sites in Ueno Iga and China.

Fuchs Japan was able to apply moving average costs for purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and sales with the full integration of M/F with Sage Accpac I/C. AutoSimply’s standard BOM feature allows for easy definition of formulations may it be in pieces or percentages. It also has the Scrap Factor feature that allows for production allowances in terms of percentage. Technical information were also defined in the BOM, as well as in the Item Master of I/C using optional fields.

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